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At Tournament Cable we combine experience, innovation, and technology to produce the ultimate global sport-fishing tackle.

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Split-Tail Dredge Baits.

Lighter, stronger, and thinner to add more action and last longer!

Available in 9" Mullet, 9" Ballyhoo and 14" Bonita

DownSea Pre-Rigged Shads

Molded in the USA with weight and #15 wire inside of the body.
Heavier and stronger rubber material, a notched tail, and the wire is just long enough to add a Dredge Head. There is nothing else like them!

Bill Splitter Lures
A unique lure head design that creates more and better action!

 Developed by Laceration Lures in North Carolina, these heads are like no other! They create the action and movement desired from an artificial offering. Zigging and zagging when they come up to the surface, and a tight wobbling action when below the surface.

The Bill Splitters are offered in two sizes, 30 and 50. The 30 would be considered a small size lure while the 50 would be a medium. Both can be ordered individually, rigged or not, as well as in sets of four. 

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