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At Tournament Cable Inc. we combine experience, innovation, and technology to produce the ultimate global sport-fishing tackle.

Simply the best and most innovative tackle on the market, with rigging techniques that are second to none.

No other company offers you more choices of the highest quality terminal tackle!

The best in Spreader & Splash BarsHarpoonsHaywire MachinesMicro Bench CrimpersLures and Lure sets, the finest Dredge Teasers for all situations, teaser accessories, and everything in between!  All made in the USA!

Do your own rigging with this ultimate shop set-up!
Each one of these tools is among the exact same ones we have been using in our facilities for many years!
Haywire Twisting Machine- Make perfect haywire twists in all wire up to #22 gauge. Designed and made here in the USA!

Micro Bench Crimper- For light leader material up to 130lb test and down to 20lb test mono, and up to 175lb test cable. Jaws and cups are designed for the very small aluminum oval sleeves and the double barrel copper sleeves. Designed  and made here in the USA!

Large Compound Bench Crimper- This tool is designed for all the larger crimps for heavier mono and cable. We have 7 of these set up in our facilities. Aluminum oval sleeves for mono up to 600lb test and down to 130lb. Double barrel copper and brass sleeves for cable up to 800lb test.

Hi-Seas AFW Deluxe Rigging Kit- Contains 1-Hand Crimper, 5 sizes of Copper-Mini Double Sleeves, 4 sizes of Aluminum Single Sleeves, Nylon Thimbles and 2 sizes of Stainless Thimbles.

30ft coils of AFW Single Strand Wire- 4pks of #10, and 4pks of #15.

The Tuna Chunk Bite is On!

On some days you might have to use 30lb test Fluoro-Carbon leaders to get the hook-ups. With the light leaders you may achieve the hook-ups but the tuna are often too much for that light leader material.

 If this is the case you should be using Tuna Traps. They are inexpensive, easy to rig and will certainly make a huge difference.  We invest a lot of time and effort into our offshore ventures.  Why not make the best of it!?


Tournament fishing? Targeting Big Blue Marlin?
Maybe fishing the White Marlin Open or the Mid Atlantic 500?

If so, you should be pulling one or more of these notorious, tournament winning lures in your spread!
Each of these monstrous lures comes rigged to catch or can be quickly changed to a teaser.
*Sold individually or in a complete set of 4.

Each professionally rigged with:
Quick Rig Double Koga 11/0 Hooks
800lb Stainless Cable and Shackle
10ft of 400lb Momoi Leader
*Disconnect the double hook rig from the shackle and fish as a teaser.


Specializing in Dredges, Dredge Accessories, and MUCH More!

Daisy Chain Leaders
Available in: Jet & Bird Chain Leaders
Set includes 3 Jet Chain Leaders, paired with 3 of our finest stingers! Lure bag included.

No need to buy completely rigged daisy chains, especially when you have a boat load of single lures already on hand.

Each Daisy Chain Leader is made with 300lb Momoi mono and a 250lb BB Snap Swivel.
The snap swivel gives you the ability to easily add any lure you would like as the stinger.

Forward thinking to the highest standards! Stay current on our latest developments, newest additions, and more!



Have questions?  No problem!  Give us a buzz at:




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